Manual "Methods of farming sexually propagated corals and outplanting for coral reef rehabilitation; with list of references for coral reef rehabilitation through active restoration measure"
Akajima Marine Science Laboratory (AMSL) was founded in 1988 as a private field research station of Establishment of Tropical Marine Ecological Research (ETMER) and is situated on Aka Island, a part of the Kerama Islands, Okinawa. AMSL is dedicated to promoting research on physical, chemical, biological, and socioeconomic studies regarding the subtropical waters, and encouraging the public awareness about the marine environment and other conservation issues. As a more than sufficient research environment and facility, our laboratory provides essential opportunities for researchers to do fruitful research concerning the marine ecosystems.

For the environment and sosiety, we protect the
Coral Reefs
from Akajima to the world.

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Last update:April 3 2017

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● 慶良間のサンゴは白化で死んだのか?
アムスルだより へ

Coral Reefs
A world's first new technology !
AMSL, with the successful invention of the mass culture of corals from egg to colony in open water, is proud to have the world’s first technique of this kind. In November 2005, the coral seedlings were transplanted in Majya-beach, and they have continued to grow to the pleasing size of 27cm today.